We are all like one-winged angels. It is only when we help each other that we can fly.
—Luciano de Crescenzo

Volunteers are the backbone of our programs. We could not do the work we do at The Denver ELEMENT without the heart, dedication, energy and hard work of our amazing volunteers. Whatever your special gifts are, you can help make Denver’s LGBTQ+ communities a healthier, stronger and more loving place for us to share.

You can contribute to the success of The Denver ELEMENT programs by
• Attending events and bringing your friends. Come visit us when we are doing outreach.
• Planning or helping in fundraising events
• Becoming a member of our community advisory board. We need your input!

We’re glad you are here to help! Let’s ROCK Denver’s queer community together. If you would like to volunteer and start changing your corner of the world, call us or email today and we can talk about volunteer opportunities. 

720.382.5900  / info@TheDenverElement.org