Finding how you can be safe and healthy in your community on your terms.


Reflections is a program approved by the Center for Disease Control to address risky substance use and reduce the transmission of HIV and other STIs for HIV negative GBTQ men between the ages of 18 and 45. Participants will have the opportunity to meet one on one with a trained Denver Element staff member for four individual sessions. Using motivational interviewing, participants will have the opportunity to explore their substance use, sex, sexuality, and any areas of concern in a confidential and supportive space.

Topics that may be discussed:

  • Sex, safer sex, condom use, hook ups, online apps
  • Healthy relationships, boundaries, self advocacy
  • PrEP, how to navigate it, how it works
  • Substance use, limits, dependency
  • How substance use relates to decision making regarding sex
  • Identifying areas of concern and potentially creating a change plan

Those who qualify and participate in all four sessions receive a $100 gift card. Are you interested? 
Email us at or call/text 720.445.5304. All information remains confidential.